“Helping Cats Near You”
Free Community Workshop
Every 4th Sunday of the month, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Meeting ID: 868 1342 4341
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A great introduction for people who are feeding cats, seeing cats in their neighborhood or are interested in learning more about helping outdoor cats. Topics include how to catch cats, project planning, local resources, what to do with kittens, preparing for winter, medical issues, nuisance prevention and laws.

“Myth Busting – Challenging Traditions & Saving More Cats”
Free Community Workshop
We will gladly do this workshop per request to info@catsinaction.org

If you have been doing TNR and/or rescuing cats, you know how dire the cat overpopulation problem is. You’ve probably also struggled with hard-to-adopt cats, or feral cats with life-changing injuries or kittens that you’re not sure will socialize. This presentation addresses these difficult issues and dispels many of the myths and misconceptions in traditional animal welfare, with the ultimate goal of helping more cats.

Erica and Liz were invited to present “Myth Busting” at the 2023 Best Friends National Conference August 10th in Houston!

Person holding up a kitten for the camera

Cats in Action will gladly provide workshops on site or virtually for any interested party. We love talking to neighborhood groups! Contact info@catsinaction.org.

Triple R Pets, also a sponsor of the Cook County Managed Care of Feral Cats ordinance, offers workshops in the South suburbs of Cook County. Contact info@triplerpets.org.

A group of young kittens huddled together on a blanket