Borrowing Traps

Many organizations lend traps. A rental fee or a refundable deposit may be required. The lending period may be limited, so it is important to plan your project, make clinic appointments and have a trajectory for cats prior to trapping. Below are some of the organizations that lend traps. For additional resources, see also TNR Organizations.

Tree House Humane Society, 7225 N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645, 773-262-4000,

PAWS Chicago, 3516 W. 26th St., Chicago, IL 60623, 773-529-7721

Harmony House for Cats, 2914 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL 60618, 773-293-6103,

C.A.R.E, 4927 Main St, Skokie, IL 60077, 847-705-2653,

CatVanDo, Maywood, IL 708-829-6013,

Cats in Action, Chicago, IL, 773-898-9899 or 773-517-2578,

Triple R Pets, La Grange, Tinley Park, Chicago Heights,

NAWS, Mokena, IL, 708-478-5102

Spay Illinois, Lisle, IL, 630-961-8000

Buying Traps

If you plan on trapping more than just a few cats, or if you want to help other people with TNR, we highly recommend investing in your own equipment. In our opinion, the best, safest feral cats traps on the market are manufactured by TruCatch. TruCatch traps feature gravity-fed rings for a “soft” close, which are a safer option for kittens and cat tails that may be in the entrance when the trap door closes. Metal bars are coated to eliminate sharp edges. Traps have a back door, which enables quick loading of bait and easier caretaking of cats while they are in the trap. The standard feral cat trap is the 30LTD. FatCat traps are both wider and taller than standard traps. They are a great option for cats that are large toms, injured, pregnant or trap-shy.

TruCatch has a trap donation program. If you would like to donate a trap to Cats in Action, click here. Tomahawk has more recently come out with the GT606 Neighborhood Cats Gravity Trap , which is similar to the TruCatch trap with gravity-fed rings. Traps that have a spring-loaded angled trap door are indeed effective in trapping cats. However, the trap door can come down very quickly, potentially injuring cats. Kittens very often follow each other into a trap, so one kitten can trigger the trip plate while another kitten is closer to the entrance where the door comes down. We do not recommend using “snap traps” for trapping kittens.

An open cat trap

Standard 30LTD

An open cat trap

FatCat 30FCD