Peter Wolf holding a stray cat


Vox Felina is an independent blog by Peter J. Wolf. It is a  repository of research notes, news stories, correspondences, and associated commentary focused on a range of issues related to “the plight” of unowned, free-roaming cats in general, and trap-neuter-return (TNR) in particular. The primary impetus behind Vox Felina, launched in April 2010, was the abundance of flawed science promoted by many TNR opponents, undermining any honest debate of the “feral cat” issue. In subsequent years, the flaws have become more glaring, the promotion unapologetically post-factual (and self-serving). The need for a rigorous, thoughtful response is, therefore, greater than ever.

Mr. Wolf  is currently Research and Policy Analyst for Best Friends, a leader in the development and operation of community cat programs. Peter’s role involves the analysis of science and public policy related to community cat issues, a topic he’s been researching and writing about for over a decade. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial design. His professional experience has focused on the acquisition, analysis, and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data. As a lecturer in The Design School at Arizona State University, Mr. Wolf taught courses in product design, visual communication design, design thinking and qualitative research methods.