If you see a cat stuck in a tree, don’t assume it will figure out how to get down on its own. Cats can scramble up trees quickly chasing prey or just to get a high vantage point, and then be fearful of descending. Cats don’t like to back down trees and the tree may be too steep to head down. As a first step, leave some very fragrant food at the base of the tree. Heat up tuna fish or canned cat food. And then go inside. If there are many people milling about, the cat may be too afraid to descend. If this does not work after 24 hours, you will need to seek alternative means to get the cat down. Going too long without food can cause liver damage.

A small black cat stuck in a tree
Tim with a stray cat he rescued from a tree

Most municipalities will not spend the resources to extract cats from trees, so it is left to the private sector.

Cats in Action recommends the two tree cutting services, below. These services are owned by animal lovers and have been known to rescue cats for little cost or donations from the community. If one of these services is able to help you, be sure to give them a nice tip!

Fernandez Tree Service

Tree Climber’s Limb and Tree Service
Tim Sluis, Owner

Jose’s Tree Service 773-889-5446